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Unemployment is a major factor that affects the economic and growth factor of the country since the workers in any field contribute to removing their economic backwardness.

Some people with good luck and innovative mind push themselves out of poverty. This type of person is self-dependent and can do whatever they need.

But there are some people with bad lucks and narrow-minded people who cannot explore themselves to get new ideas. There is a reason behind it; actually, they are not used to it.

If they want to start any business with new ideas, they don’t have much economy. They also prevent taking the loan from a bank since banks amount the money with a high interest rate after the maturation period.

Considering all these problems Government of Kerala, with his helpful idea, sanctioned a scheme on 24.07.2010 called Kerala Saranya Loan Yojna.

People of Kerala sighed a relief breath after they got to know about this scheme. Under this scheme, the government of Kerala will provide a loan of up to Rs 50,000 with no rate of Interest.

After taking the loan, people can repay it equally in 60 months as an instalment. This can also be called taking a loan on a no-cost EMI.

This scheme can help and work as a backbone for backward class people, widowed, divorced, and deserted women over 30 years. Differently-abled, wife of badly injured patient and schedule tribe too will be benefited from it.

Details Scheme of Kerala Saranya Loan Yojana 2021

Scheme Name:           Kerala Saranya Loan yojna
Sanctioned Date:       24.07.2010
Launched by:Government of Kerala
Scheme Benefit:        Rs 50,000
Official website:
Beneficiaries:              Citizens of Kerala
Published on:              13/05/2021 (updated on 22/06/2021)
Application form Status:        Active

What are the benifits of Kerala Saranya Loan yojna?

To help the people of Kerala, the government has introduced a scheme that will benefit the citizens of Kerala in several ways.

Here is the list of certain benefits which the people of Kerala can avail:

  • Women who want to start their business can take a loan of Rs 50,000.
  • Backward class people of Kerala can take a loan and start a join business.
  • It can help to settle your financial worth and act as a better work/life balance.
  • Segregated women in the state, including widows, deserted, spinsters, and divorced above 30, can apply for this scheme.
  • Scheduled tribe women and differently-abled and their wives can take a loan and start self-employment ventures.
  • This loan is more beneficial than the loan by a bank because this loan does not apply any rate of interest to the principal amount like banks do.
  • To repay the loan, one can pay it back in 60 equal months of installment. What can be more advantageous than this?
  • If a people want to avail of the benefits of a loan of more than Rs 50,000, then the woman has to pay interest at a rate of 3% on the amount of money that exceeds 50,000.
  • Usually, a scheme is ventured for an individual venture, but it also allows to start joint ventures by more than one entrepreneur.

In the above case, each venture woman will get a loan of maximum account and its subsidy.

What are the eligibility criteria of Kerala Saranya Loan yojna?

The government of Kerala will provide the loan, but before that, women must be eligible for it.

The eligibility criteria for a woman to take the benefit of Kerala Saranya Loan yojna is mentioned below:

  • First they must be a citizen of Kerala.
  • The annual family income must not be greater than Rs 1,00,000.
  • All Unemployed women who cannot earn their livings, such as widows, divorced or deserted.
  • These women must be of age above 30 years.
  • Widows women will only get a loan if she hasn’t remarried after the death of her husband.
  • Divorced women will get the loan only if she is divorced through law or any organization.
  • Any Unmarried woman whose age is above 80 as of April 1st of the form filling year and who is not married yet.
  • Deserted woman whose husband has been missing for the last seven years can loan from the government.

Documents needed to apply for Kerala Saranya Loan Yojna 2021

While filling the online application form for this scheme, you will be asked to upload the document to prove that you are eligible for availing of this scheme.

A list of documents are mentioned below:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Age Proof
  • Residence certificate
  • Ration card
  • Mobile number with passport size photo
  • First page of Bank passbook containing account details.
  • Certificate of widows, divorced or deserted women.

How to apply for Kerala Saranya Loan yojna?

Step by step guide to fill the application form for Kerala Saranya Loan yojna is mentioned below:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the official website by clicking on the link –

Step 2: You will be on the homepage, now click on the online services

Step 3: You will be redirected to the National jobs service Kerala e-Employment Exchange portal page.

Step 4: Click on the “Register as job seeker” tab.

Step 5: Now fill out the detail correctly and recheck it; make sure your bank details are correct or not.

Step 6: Upload all the documents which are asked in the form and finally click on register.

Step 7: Now, sign up and download the Saranya loan scheme request form in PDF format. Press the Saranya form there.

After the final submission of the Saranya form, it will be verified by workplace exchange and then sent to the district Employment exchange.

Contact Number for Kerala Saranya Loan Yojna 2021:

General Number: 0471-230189

Computer Cell: 0471-2301249

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